We are based out of Columbus, Ohio and have been serving our amazing clients for 14 years. The owner, Nathan Nazeck, is closely involved with every project from your big day through every frame of editing. We do not "sub out" any shooting or editing. There are a lot of stereotypes that pertain to wedding videos. Our purpose from day one has been to try and redefine what a wedding film should be.

We have distanced ourselves from the typical, obtrusive, light in your face style that has given so many people a bad impression. One wedding at a time we try to undo the stereotype and give everyone involved the best experience we can. We encourage you to look around and compare our packages to any other company in Central Ohio. All of our packages include at least two videographers and three cameras. Our competitor's usually start with one or two cameras and only one videographer. We believe that regardless of the package, we should bring enough equipment and people to properly capture every moment.


The Short Films that you see featured online are just a small portion of our product.  There are many companies that can make a highlight video look great but it takes years of experience to be able to maintain that quality throughout a full length product.  The Short Film is important but we want to create a complete picture of your big day that will ensure that the memories last forever.  


There is no substitue for real world shooting experience.  Our crew has a combined 35 years of experience in wedding film production and we have filmed more than 400 weddings as a company.  Decisions have to be made on the fly and our experience helps us to quickly adapt to the various challenges that weddings provide.  


Multiple locations bring difficult lighting situations as well.  Many venues can even have different lighting environments within the same room. This can present a challenge to an inexperienced crew.  Our crew is constantly learning and adapting as we stay current with technology and the latest, greatest cameras.   On average we upgrade our cameras every other year and we are always introducing new equipment and ideas into our workflow.  


We offer a wide variety of packages to suit many different styles of weddings including Single Location, Multi Venue, and Destination Weddings.  Contact us for full package details.  Special Discounts are available for Winter weddings and Friday/Sunday weddings!


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